ING is the Illawarra’s premiere networking group.

Please feel free to fill in your details below if you would like to receive further information on attending one of the fortnightly meetings. First time visitors (guests) to the group are welcomed to a complimentary breakfast.

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    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Illawarra Network Group is to establish a structured meeting time and place for a select group of qualified business “professionals” who wish to cooperate for the sole purpose of helping each other succeed in business through the exchange of business referrals, marketplace information and leadership training.

    Qualifications and Admittance

    Members must demonstrate a high standard of quality, ethics, professionalism and reliability, both personally, and with regard to their products and/or services. Criteria for the selection of new members will be at the discretion of the group by way of a silent vote.

    To be admitted a prospective new member must receive no more than one dissenting vote from the existing members. Only one representative per each business classification will be admitted to the group at any given time.


    Commitment and reliability are key ingredients of a professional and are required of all group members. The group secretary will take attendance at each meeting. If a member misses more than three (3) meetings over a six (6) month period, it will be presumed that he/she no longer wishes to be a participating member. In such cases, his/her name will be removed from the roster and the business category will be announced as available for a new member. Any pre-paid dues will be forfeited.

    What to Expect (1 Hour Meetings)

    • 15 Minute Check-in & Social. A time to socialise during check-in prior to the meeting.
    • Opening of the meeting by the Chairperson.
    • “Member Introduction, One Minute Infomercial”. Each meeting will begin with a brief introduction of each member telling the group a little about their business and the type of leads that would be beneficial to their business.
    • Ten Minute “ Member Presentation, Keynote Speaker” One or Two members will be asked in advance to be the “Meeting Presenter/Keynote Speaker”, addressing the group with a ten minute commercial about their business.
    • Members “Lead Exchange/Wraps and Referrals” The actual exchange of business leads and referrals and feedback on referrals.
    • Limited to honoured members, the group will:
      • Expand their business through the exchange of valued and qualified potential business leads, as well as learn about useful marketplace developments from fellow members
      • Learn leadership, organisational and communication skills as each group member works his/her way through the official ranks of the group’s Officers positions.
      • Develop professional and personal relationships with other professionals.